Special Highlight for the month of September 2021

Token Burn

To foster token scarcity, and to increase great demand in token price we continue with the token burn, a…

Last month started in an interesting note with the community member, as we celebrated having the best Craft beer

It was an amazing atmosphere in the community
We thank everyone who is making our vision stand out

Significant Price Growth

Last month, won’t pass, if we don’t acknowledge the…

We’re excited to partner with KephiGallery

In this new alliance, Kephi Gallery has partnered up with Beermoney to exchange their strategic visions and encourage their communities to interact.

Nicolás Verderosa, CEO of Kephi Gallery, stated that:

This partnership with Beer Money is very exciting for us! Our communities interacting and…

We started the month of June in an eventful note, after the successful launch of physical product, we then focus on marketing; pushing out our physical product to retail customers and clients

These are June highlights with Beermoney 🍻


We're working endlessly in getting our BEP-20 tokens…

40.000.000 Beers burned


New supply total


BSC: 40.000.000 tokens

Take NOTE :

Next burning date: June 30 🍻

BeerMoney Community Announcement 🍺

Token Burn Update 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

500,000 Beers burned

Hash id sent to main contract


Hash id burned


New supply total



Next burning date: May 31

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