Last month started in an interesting note with the community member, as we celebrated having the best Craft beer

It was an amazing atmosphere in the community
We thank everyone who is making our vision stand out

Significant Price Growth

Last month, won’t pass, if we don’t acknowledge the effort of BeerMoney traders,
In anticipation of BeerMoney Bep-20 launch we had great spike in $beer NEM price

$Beer Bep-20 Pancakeswap Listing

The ice in the cake, was the official listing on Pancakeswap, this confirm $beer token as a fully multichain cryptocurrency asset (NEM blockchain and BinanceSmartChain)


We’re excited to partner with KephiGallery

In this new alliance, Kephi Gallery has partnered up with Beermoney to exchange their strategic visions and encourage their communities to interact.

Nicolás Verderosa, CEO of Kephi Gallery, stated that:

This partnership with Beer Money is very exciting for us! Our communities interacting and sharing experiences will allow both projects to grow. And why not, even have a beer together?
The interaction between Kephi and the Beer Money communities will be a mutually benefit

Kephi Gallery means to bring the NFT ecosystem so that every artists can mint their tokens regardless their economical or…

We started the month of June in an eventful note, after the successful launch of physical product, we then focus on marketing; pushing out our physical product to retail customers and clients

These are June highlights with Beermoney 🍻


We're working endlessly in getting our BEP-20 tokens listed on BinanceSmartChain Dex, we had made the preparations, however this fulfillment will come later in the month of July.

We're happy to also announce, we're working with several Centralized exchanges, our aim is to get BeerMoney tokens into several exchanges as possible.


Vision Focus

Last month was a super busy month for the team, and quite a progressive one indeed.

Physical Product Launch

40.000.000 Beers burned

New supply total

BSC: 40.000.000 tokens

Take NOTE :
The tokens that were migrated to bsc has been burned. thus, xem supply decreases

Next burning date: June 30 🍻

Amazing news, BeerMoney product launch is happening on the 29th of May 2021 and the bigger news is that our CEO will be hosting an online event about our Product Launch with our partners Cryptolainfest and Bitsionaris this is going to be huge.

The journey of having to bring into reality BeerMoney use case is getting closer than you can imagine.

By June 15 you can make your order.

We at BeerMoney is bring cryptocurrency into real life use case and you won't have to bother about paying with physical fiat you can use BeerMoney token.

The crypto space is…

BeerMoney Community Announcement 🍺

Token Burn Update 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

500,000 Beers burned

Hash id sent to main contract

Hash id burned

New supply total


Next burning date: May 31

It's been a great season for the general crypto space as we have experience a very long bull run and admist the bull run the binance smart chain contract has been been in the centre of the ecosystem. Both Old and New project are been launched on the BSC chain, due the great advantage of low cost and fast transaction better than its competitors and other benefits.

In other for us at BeerMoney not to miss the train of been on the BSC chain, we have decided to migrate 10% of our supply to the BSC chain. …

Year 2020 was a great year for BeerMoney community,
we appreciate all the community support and every enthusiast we have in the community who has always been supportive.
It was a great journey and we're certain that 2021 will surely be a smooth and more successful year for us all at BeerMoney.

Officially BeerMoney was listed on the cryptocurrency market capitalization know as coinmarketcap which was a great step forward.

BeerMoney was also add by Blockfolio, In other for everyone to be able to follow the price activities of BeerMoney token.

Exchange Listing

It’s been a great month so far a lots of happening in the crypto space. So much that we at BeerMoney community have also experienced some significant changes. We’re proud to be a project that’s relevant in the space and of course ready to bring solutions to the ecosystem.

We recently just concluded a very powerful internal community AMA with our users and it was very great reading the observations and suggestions of our community members,

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