Beer Money Project 2019 Report and Plans for 2020

Dear Community, today we are bringing a report on the progress of the project in 2019 and what expect for this year 2020.

During 2019 although it was not the best year, we made progress in many activities which we will mention below:

1. Registration of the company in Seychelles, under the name BEER AND BUSINESS CORPORATION, registration number: 210412

2. Beer Wallet launch for Android Phase 1.

3. Crypto events participation in such as Criptolatinfest, The Conference Connection Conference, and Blockchain Summit Latam in CDMX.

4. Launch and successful completion of IEO in the Latoken Exchange, one of the top 30 exchanges worldwide, accompanied by a strong marketing campaign to achieve the dissemination of the project.

5. Agreements with some exchanges which we will be seeing listed in Q1 and Q2 2020.

6. Agreements with specialized newspapers in crypto-currencies for our news diffusion.

7. The increased community where we have around 30000 registered members in our database.

8. The token distribution was carried out for those who participated in the offer, except the private investors who have vesting, also the reward campaign carried out in BitcoinTalk was completed.

9. The funds for the continuity and success of the project were obtained through a private offer and will be unblocked in stages.

10. Meetings always looking for partnerships that can help the growth of the project, any request for cooperation to the mail

Step by step the project is becoming known in the crypto communities here an example:

“Even so, we consider that given the nature of the project this is just the beginning and we are building solid foundations for the continuity of the company for many years being aware that we face many logistical challenges and above all many procedures, but always with the same vision.

Being Beer Money, the Brewery of the Blockchain Era, and the BEER token will be a medium of payment for the beer industry and the ecosystem created around it.”

EARLY 2020

1. The airdrop was successfully launched in January with the participation of 4000 users.

2. Listed on February 10th on Vindax Vietnam based Exchange located Top 30 by volume in Coinmarketcap with 4 pairs of trading BEER/BTC, BEER/USDT, BEER/VD, BEER/ETH.

3. Listing announcement for the first days of April on the Whitebit Exchange located Top 35 by volume in Coinmarketcap on the BEER/BTC pair.

4. Post IEO listing on Latoken Exchange located Top 20 by volume on CoinmarketCap where we will have four trading pairs BEER/BTC BEER/USDT, BEER/LA, BEER/ETH.

5. Listing in price trackers like Coincodex and Coingecko, among others that will be added.

6. We are also working on the listing with a Top 5 exchange in volume, which will undoubtedly lead us to the next step as a project.


Due to the current situation that we face as humanity with the COVID-19 and the delays that we presented in some issues, we are forced to rethink dates and in the coming days we will launch our new roadmap, we hope that this situation of the pandemic passes soon and that everyone is well at home.

1. Launching Roadmap 2.0 adjusting dates for product release and what is coming 2020–2021.

2. Utility for the token hand in hand with the exchanges where the user can earn rewards for holding the tokens.

3. Listed in 2 more Exchanges.

4. The token usability stage begins, where we will start with the alliances of the shops worldwide so that the user can pay in establishments with the BEER token.

5. Launching of our product and finishing our production plant, as you know our base of operations will be in Latin America, soon you will know more about this.

6. Launch of our beer brand.

7. Launch of Beer Wallet iOS.

8. Expansion of brand participation in Meetups and events.

Much more to come… #Stayathome #HoldBEER

BEER MONEY TEAM / Brewery of the Blockchain Era

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