BeerMoney Community Announcement 🍺
BeerMoney Move To Binance Smartchain

It's been a great season for the general crypto space as we have experience a very long bull run and admist the bull run the binance smart chain contract has been been in the centre of the ecosystem. Both Old and New project are been launched on the BSC chain, due the great advantage of low cost and fast transaction better than its competitors and other benefits.

In other for us at BeerMoney not to miss the train of been on the BSC chain, we have decided to migrate 10% of our supply to the BSC chain. So our users can explore some advantage of the defi universe and be able to stake or farm.

Here is the contact:

Note, the BeerMoney token on the NEM blockchain will remain the same and will be used as a utility token for the consumption of our products and will be listed in more exchanges.

The tokens migrated to BSC will be in these backup wallet:

Therefore the initial supply will not be affected, they will never be moved from this wallet.

So at BeerMoney we're going to have two chain, as we aren't the first to have two chain, there are numerous project like this, remember both NEM utility token and BSC bep 20 token focused on defi services.

More Comprehensive Details will be announced

Lastly we at BeerMoney put our community first in all we're doing, watch out for the next community campaign that will be coming from our marketing team.