BeerMoney Community Monthly Report

Beer Money
2 min readAug 17, 2021

Last month started in an interesting note with the community member, as we celebrated having the best Craft beer

It was an amazing atmosphere in the community
We thank everyone who is making our vision stand out

Significant Price Growth

Last month, won’t pass, if we don’t acknowledge the effort of BeerMoney traders,
In anticipation of BeerMoney Bep-20 launch we had great spike in $beer NEM price

$Beer Bep-20 Pancakeswap Listing

The ice in the cake, was the official listing on Pancakeswap, this confirm $beer token as a fully multichain cryptocurrency asset (NEM blockchain and BinanceSmartChain)

The Power of HODL

Our traders and supporters demonstrated the power of holding, as we experience a second wave in price spike

BeerMoney Staking On Latoken

We rewarded the power of holding with 60% staking of $beer on Latoken exchange

BeerMoney NEM token Burning 🔥

500.000 was successfully burn on the NEM blockchain, this shows our efforts in making $beer a deflationary token.

New Strategic Partner

We joined alliance with Eleventoken
This is collaboration is positioned to fosters mutual benefit

Eleventoken is a powerful payment infrastructure for crypto-stock markets
E-leven promotes a robust platform that allows users to complement the Crypto-financial development

What to look forward to;

-ROADMAP 3.0 upcoming
-Whitepaper 2.0 upcoming
-Expansion in exchange listing
-More Solid Partnership
-Improvements in beer Craft products