BeerMoney Monthly Report

Special Highlight for the month of September 2021

Token Burn

BeerMoney Total Supply Bep20

We become more “Green”

BeerMoney saving plan on Latoken exchange

Backup rate strategy

What is coming up

Token Burn

To foster token scarcity, and to increase great demand in token price we continue with the token burn, a total 500.000 Beer was burnt on NEM blockchain

BeerMoney Total Supply Bep20

With the burning strategy, we’re more of a deflationary token. As we have successfully combined both BSC and NEM blockchain Know the total supply of each side of the chain. NEM. 358.000.000 BSC. 40.000.000 Total 398.000.000 #BSC #BinanceSmartChain #BEP2 #NEM

We became more “Greener”

Last month $BeerMoney we became more greener

BeerMoney saving plan on Latoken exchange

We are happy to announce we have the best saving plan on Latoken exchange

Backup rate strategy

Last month, we officially made our craft beer a product that is backed up with our native token $beer, this means all single produced beer from our factory is backed up directly with the native token’ $beer

Our craft beer, is the ONLY crypto beer in the world.

What is coming up

Exchange listing

Special Airdrop Campaign

Global Ambassador Campaign

Exciting partnership and Collaborations

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Beer Money

Beer Money

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