BeerMoney Product Launch with Cryptolainfest and Bitsionaris ‘AMA

Beer Money
1 min readMay 21, 2021

Amazing news, BeerMoney product launch is happening on the 29th of May 2021 and the bigger news is that our CEO will be hosting an online event about our Product Launch with our partners Cryptolainfest and Bitsionaris this is going to be huge.

The journey of having to bring into reality BeerMoney use case is getting closer than you can imagine.

By June 15 you can make your order.

We at BeerMoney is bring cryptocurrency into real life use case and you won't have to bother about paying with physical fiat you can use BeerMoney token.

The crypto space is very large market, we're here for a very long time creating value and we definitely going to make great impact in the space. Bringing solutions to real usage of cryptocurrency.

Beer Money is the Brewery of the Blockchain Era. The token beer is the only one that combines two growing markets such as craft beer and the cryptocurrency market.

Beer Money is a digital asset created on the Nem (Nis1) blockchain under its $beer token